New Zealand Debt Collections Limited (NZDCL) is a debt collection agency based in Christchurch with its branch in Auckland as well.  NZDCL assists businesses nationally and internationally to recover outstanding debts.

NZDCL was incorporated by Romald Karan, after Romald’s vast experience in the Collection Industry in Fiji, New Zealand and Australia.

After 13 years of experience working with government agencies, regional councils, accountancy and legal firms, schools, medical sector, telecommunication sector, constructions industry, real estates and insurance firms.

We offer our “no collection no commission” recovery, we take pride in what we do for our clients.  We work for our clients, this eliminates any emotional attachments between the client and the customer.

Clients can focus on their daily business leaving any outstanding debts or disputed debts with NZDCL to negotiate on their behalf.  It is often in our best interest to work for our client to retain business relationship.  We are a neutral third party who can be trusted, we have guidelines which sets our code of practice under the legislative requirements.

We enjoy strong business relationships with financial institutions, public utilities and local governments, small and large cooperation and individual debts.

We maintain the highest ethical standards and a strong culture of compliance with the laws and regulations governing our business.

We understand the value of every dollar and offer tailor made services, whether the value is large or small needing to be recovered.  Our ongoing success is a result of our commitment to leading the way in ethical debt recovery, our disciplined approach to business & strategy and our focus on creating value.